Below you can find a selection of news related to traditional building, architecture and urban planning:

– News –

The new documentary video about Leopoldo Gil Cornet, first Rafael Manzano Prize winner in 2012, has been published

This short documentary, produced by Irene Pérez Porro, presents the work of Leopoldo Gil Cornet, who was awarded the first Rafael Manzano Prize in 2012. Leopoldo’s extensive professional career includes the restoration works of the Real Colegiata de Roncesvalles (Navarra), which were carried out between 1982 and 2012 and which allowed to restore much of the lost vitality to the site and thus also contribute to the sustainable development of the region.

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Ben Pentreath has been awarded the 2023 Richard H. Driehaus Prize

British architect, theorist and educator Ben Pentreath has been named winner of the prestigious 2023 Richard H. Driehaus Prize. His projects in Poundbury and his urban proposals for Tornagrain and Truro are among the most recognized of his extensive career.

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Azores Summer School Testimonials

The following link contains the testimonies of several of the participants of the Azores Summer School that took place last summer.

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European Crafts Days

From March 27 to April 2, 2023, the European Crafts Days will take place. During this week, various activities will be held throughout Europe with the aim of bringing craftsmanship creation closer to the community as a whole. Fairs, public open days in workshops, live demonstrations, exhibitions, conferences and many other events will be organized, both in face-to-face and virtual format.

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Table Ronde de l’Architecture has published the entries for the competition on doors and fittings

On their Instagram account you can find the submitted drawings, with examples from a variety of cultures and different woodworking techniques.

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– Education –

INTBAU seeks participants for a volunteer program in the village of Pono in Sindh, southeastern Pakistan

The program will offer participants the opportunity to learn, with the support and guidance of architect Yasmeen Lari, the building techniques adopted by the local population in this area. These are techniques with minimal carbon emissions.

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Master of Science in Historic Preservation

Applications for the Master of Science in Historic Preservation, organized by the University of Notre Dame, are open until February 15. The program will run for four semesters, one of them in Rome, and also includes an introductory summer course and an additional internship.

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Bruges Summer School

The Bruges Summer School of Architecture and Crafts, organized by La Table Ronde de l’Architecture and INTBAU Belgium, will take place over seven weeks between July and August 2023. Registration is open for both students and professionals until April 30, 2023.

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School of Traditional Arts

The Prince’s Foundation organizes a series of lectures, workshops and short hands-on courses in traditional arts and crafts. Courses are tailored to all levels of skill and experience, from beginners to skilled professionals.

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Cobijo Natural School-workshop

The Cobijo Natural School-Workshop is a new project created by Rikki Nitzkin Rosenberg, expert in straw bale construction; Myriam Gutiérrez Gil de Muro, architect specialized in bio-construction; and Agustín Martínez Renedo, master mason and member of the Spanish Network of Traditional Building Crafts Masters.

The school-workshop is located in Alberite, La Rioja. During the next few months they will offer an intense program of hands-on courses, including, among many others, courses in building with raw earth, sgraffito, rammed earth or natural floors made of lime and gypsum.

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Third “Fuset” School of Traditional Building Techniques

The Third “Fuset” School of Traditional Building Techniques will take place between the spring and summer of 2023. It will consist of several monographic workshops on lime mortars, plaster works, cobblestone floors and sgraffito, delivered by renowned experts in traditional building, with extensive teaching and professional experience.

Several of these courses will be delivered by members of the Network of Traditional Building Crafts Masters.

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Course-workshop on thatched roofs and traditional techniques in Historical Heritage

From March 20 to 24, 2023 this workshop-course organized by the Junta de Andalucía in collaboration with the Museo de la Cal de Morón will take place.

It will be delivered by the master thatcher Antonio Gandano, who was awarded the Richard H. Driehaus Building Arts Award in 2020.

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– Conferences, seminars and lectures –

Lecture: The Reconstruction of the Ise Shrine in Japan

The Japanese master carpenter Takami Kawai delivered the lecture “The Reconstruction of the Ise Shrine in Japan” at the Colegio Oficial de Arquitectos of Madrid.

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2023 Earth Construction Days

Arquitectura i Sostenibilitat (AUS), an association of the Colegio de Arquitectos of Catalonia, together with the Fira de l’energia i la construcció sostenible de Vic (FECS), has organized the Earth Building Days, which will take place on February 17 and 18, 2023 in Vic.

The conference aims to disseminate contemporary earthen architecture, strengthen the network of professionals in the sector and promote both local and international exchange and the conservation of the earthen built heritage.

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Lecture: La barraca en el paisaje cultural del entorno de l’Albufera de València

The UNESCO Chair in Earthen Architecture, Building Cultures and Sustainable Development has published this lecture, which was delivered by Marcel·li Rosaleny.

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