Below you can find a selection of news related to traditional building, architecture and urban planning:

– News –

The winners of the 2024 Building Arts Awards have been announced

For the eighth consecutive year, the Building Arts Awards, endowed with €40,000, have been granted to four outstanding craftspeople. The award ceremony took place at the Museo de América in Madrid. The Building Arts Awards are organized by the Traditional Building Cultures Foundation with the collaboration of INTBAU Spain, the Ministry of Culture and Sports and the CSCAE.

  • In the category of masonry and stonemasonry work, the award was given to Sebastián Pérez Gómez, from Fuentes de Andalucía, in Seville, a master mason and brick carver.
  • Max Rutgers is the award-winning master in the woodworking category. Max, trained in France with the Compagnons de Devoirs, carries out his work from the Alt Empordà region of Girona.
  • The award in the category of finishes and other works of traditional construction has been given to the master Julio Barbero Moreno, specialized in lime coatings and one of the main masters of the sgraffito technique.
  • Finally, in the category of metal and glass work, the winner was the master Friedrich Bramsteidl, who from Mazonovo, in Santa Eulalia de Oscos, has revived in Spain the practice of forge work using a water-powered hammer.

On the YouTube channel of the Awards you can find the videos that have been prepared about each of the awarded masters. You can also find more information about the work of all of them through the following link.

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Article on the work of Donald Gray in the newspaper El País

El País has published an article by Nacho Sánchez on the work of Australian architect Donald Gray, winner of the Rafael Manzano Prize for New Traditional Architecture in 2015.

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Master builders Gabriel Montero Fernandez de Bobadilla and Rafael Vaquero Perez have passed away

Master builders Gabriel Montero Fernandez de Bobadilla and Rafael Vaquero Perez, both prominent members of the Spanish Network of Traditional Building Crafts Masters, have recently passed away. Gabriel and Rafael were regular collaborators on some of the projects of Donald Gray, who was the 2015 recipient of the Rafael Manzano Prize for New Traditional Architecture.

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Iberian Prize for Research on Traditional Architecture

The Convento da Orada Foundation, the Antonio Font de Bedoya Foundation, the FUNCOAL Foundation and the Institute of Architects of Portugal have announced the 6th and 7th Iberian Award. This award aims to distinguish quality research carried out as a master’s or PhD thesis, and whose main theme is traditional architecture.

The deadline for submitting applications for the award is June 30, 2024.

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Great Estival Celebration

La Table Ronde de l’Architecture has organized a closing event for the Bruges Summer School that will bring together the students of the summer school, a large number of INTBAU members, prominent architects and all those interested in traditional building and architecture.

The event will take place on August 17, 2024. The registration period is open until July 15.

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2024 Europa Nostra Awards 

The European Commission and Europa Nostra have announced the winners of the European Heritage Awards / Europa Nostra Awards 2024, co-funded by the European Union’s Creative Europe program. This year 26 outstanding projects from 18 countries have been awarded.

These include, at the national level, the “Escuela de carpintería de lo blanco de Narros del Castillo” (Ávila), the only center in the world dedicated exclusively to the teaching of Mudejar carpentry, and, at the international level, “Boulouki – Travelling Workshop on Traditional Building”, a collective of architects, engineers and heritage professionals from Greece dedicated to revitalizing traditional craftsmanship to meet the needs of contemporary construction. Both are collaborators of INTBAU Spain.

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The Ministry of Culture has announced grants for the safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage

These are aids for projects of documentation, research, transmission, perpetuation, dissemination and promotion of Intangible Cultural Heritage, especially those affecting intangible cultural assets that have been expressly protected by Cultural Heritage regulations or are included in the inventory systems, catalogs or atlases of Intangible Heritage managed by the corresponding administrations.

The deadline for submitting applications is June 17, 2024.

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– Education –

Rammed-earth contemporary architecture. Sustainability and transmission of the past

From July 1 to 5, 2024 the course “Rammed-earth contemporary architecture. Sustainability and transmission of the past” will take place at the School of Historical Heritage of Nájera, La Rioja.

The course is aimed at all sorts of building professionals: bricklayers, construction managers, architects, technical architects, conservators-restorers, archaeologists, etc. In short, all those with an interest in the knowledge and application of ecological and sustainable construction.

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Summer school on traditional architecture in Norway INTBAU

Norway has organized a summer school on traditional architecture and building techniques. It will be held August 4-11 in Fredrikstad, Norway.

The deadline for applications is June 15.

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Course on lime floors

The course, organized by the Asociación la Montaña Habitada, will take place from June 6 to 9 in Rodillazo, León. It will be delivered by scagliola master and painter Luis Prieto, recipient of the 2019 Richard H. Driehaus Building Arts Award, along with Alejandro Ciudad, a member of the Spanish Network of Traditional Building Crafts Masters.

Course “Gilding, polychrome with egg tempera and coffered ceilings”

This course, organized by HOMO FABER Cursos Oficios, will take place from June 17 to 21, 2024. It will be delivered by master Paco Luis Martos, winner in 2020 of the Richard H. Driehaus Building Arts Award, who will be assisted by Florencia Iracema.

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– Conferences, seminars and lectures –

SAHC 2025 Conference

The abstract submission deadline for the 14th International Conference on Structural Analysis of Historic Buildings 2025 is now open. The deadline for the submission of abstracts is September 15, 2024.

The 14th International Conference on Structural Analysis of Historic Buildings will be held on September 15-17, 2025 in Lausanne, Switzerland.

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First meeting “The art of stained glass”

The first meeting “The art of stained glass”, organized by ARCOVE, will take place in León on 20, 21 and 22 September 2024.

Various visits and lectures will be held during the meeting.

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61st International Making Cities Livable (IMCL) Conference

The abstract submission and registration period for the 61st IMCL conference is now open. The conference will take place in Cortona, Italy, from October 27 to November 1.

The deadline for the submission of abstracts is July 31.

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Taquezal: heavy timber framing and natural materials

The UNESCO Chair in Earthen Architecture, Building Cultures and Sustainable Development has organized a new lecture entitled “Taquezal: heavy timber framing and natural materials”, delivered by Dulce María Guillén Valenzuela (Architect and Master MUCPA UPV).

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