Below you can find a selection of news related to traditional building, architecture and urban planning:

– News –

Funding campaign for the 2023 Utrecht Summer School

The organizers of the 2023 Utrecht Summer School “Let’s Build a Beautiful City” have launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for the summer school in order to offer more scholarships, organize more excursions and improve conditions for guest teachers.

They are accepting modest to larger contributions, all associated with a number of rewards.

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Campaign to raise funds to save the roof of the Fajalauza factory

The historic ceramic factory of Fajalauza has launched a crowdfunding campaign, together with Hispania Nostra, with the aim of saving the workroom of its factory. The roof of the workshop, the building that houses the only Hispano-Arabic kiln in the city of Granada, needs urgent intervention.

The work will be carried out respecting the historical value of the factory and traditional techniques will be applied in its restoration, using materials that on the one hand contribute to preserve its essence and on the other hand don’t produce a negative environmental impact.

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Exhibition “Masters of the Future”

The exhibition “Masters of the Future”, promoted by the City of Seville with the support of the Michelangelo Foundation and coordinated by Asociación Contemporánea de Artes y Oficios, will take place in Seville, at the Castillo de San Jorge, Triana, from March 21 to May 31, 2023.

The exhibition will feature more than 50 pieces of craftsmanship from prestigious local and international masters.

Second issue of FORMA CIVITATIS, International Journal of Urban and Territorial Morphological Studies

The second issue of FORMA CIVITATIS, International Journal of Urban and Territorial Morphological Studies, has been published. It is a journal that annually publishes research papers related to the study of the formation processes of urban and rural environments, with a broad and interdisciplinary approach.

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Competition to improve the surroundings of a gas station

LThe Table Ronde de l’Architecture has organized a new competition. On this occasion, the request is to beautify a gas station and its surroundings. Proposals can be submitted until March 10.

The authors of the three best projects will receive drawing materials, natural pigments and a set of books related to architecture and construction. In addition, all projects will be exhibited in 2023 in Bruges and Ghent during the second edition of the architecture exhibition L’ARCHE.

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Publication Renovation and retrofitting of old buildings in times of climate crisis

Tomasz Jelenski, President of INTBAU Poland and trustee of INTBAU, has recently published a comprehensive guide on how to renovate traditional buildings for new uses. The guide is entitled Renovating and Retrofitting of old buildings in times of climate crisis.

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– Education –

Advanced course on Mudejar carpentry

On March 24, 25 and 26 will take place the “Advanced course on Mudejar carpentry” in the School of Carpentry of Blanco de Narros del Castillo, Ávila.

During this course the participants will carry out the layout and assembly of several wooden structures. 

Information and registration: +34 630 144 044

2023 Summer Courses at the Centro de Oficios

The Centro de Oficios y Artes Plásticas de León has organized a new edition of hands-on courses on traditional crafts, which will be held from July 3 to August 4. Each course will last 40 hours.

The registration fee for each course is 280 euros and includes the required materials and tools, participation in the organized activities and a certificate of attendance issued by the City Council of León.

The registration period will be open from May 3rd.

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Courses at the Museo de la Cal de Morón

The Museo de la Cal de Morón will organize a series of courses throughout the month of March, among which are the “Hands-on workshop on the use of natural colors in heritage”, delivered on March 11 and 12 by master painter Luis Prieto; and the “Hands-on workshop on thatched roofs”, delivered from March 20 to 24 by the master thatcher Antonio Gandano.

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Prince’s Foundation School of Traditional Arts scholarships

The Prince’s Foundation School of Traditional Arts has announced two full scholarships for students from Commonwealth countries who are interested in pursuing the Master of Traditional Arts, which begins in September 2023.

They are looking for students who specialize in specific crafts related to their own country’s heritage and who also have a broad interest in heritage, building trades and architectural preservation.

The deadline for applications is April 28, 2023.

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Prince’s Foundation Summer School

The Prince’s Foundation Summer School will take place from July 9 to 28, 2023 at the Foundation’s headquarters in Dumfries House, Scotland.

This summer school will allow participants to deepen their knowledge of traditional architecture and learn about various building techniques and trades.

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– Conferences, seminars and lectures –

Conference “TAG-23: The 2073 Architectural Awards”

The Conference “TAG-23: The 2073 Architectural Awards” will take place from March 10 to 12. During these three days, the challenges and imbalances of the built environment will be discussed and exemplary projects and companies that can be taken as a reference to continue in this direction will be shown.

Architect Lucien Steil will be in charge of the keynote speech.

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Lecture: Las escaleras de bóvedas alabeadas de piedra (XVI-XVII). Criterios de diseño

The UNESCO Chair “Earthen architectures, building cultures and sustainable development” has published a new conference entitled “La escalera de bóvedas alabeadas de piedra (XVI-XVII). Criterios de diseño”, which was delivered by Rafael Marín and Concepción López.

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