The Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda and INTBAU, with the collaboration of the Ministry of Culture and Sport and the Council of Architecture Institutes of Spain, are organizing this competition aimed at teams of architects from all over the world.

This competition aims to reward and disseminate proposals that work on the basis of local architectural tradition and its particular identity and that contribute to generate a more beautiful, coherent, sustainable and socially inclusive urban structure. The use of local materials and techniques in the designs is encouraged, as well as eminently traditional solutions that could provide more and better quality employment for local construction workers.

The terms and conditions have already been published on the Public Sector Procurement Platform and all the information on this year’s three sites is already available on our website.

The deadline for registration and submission of proposals is therefore open until February 9, 2022 at 19.00 (GMT+1, Madrid time).

Selected locations

Buitrago del Lozoya 
The initiative submitted by the city of Buitrago del Lozoya, in Madrid, proposes the reconstruction and recovery of a full block of its historic center, currently derelict. The area is composed by a number of buildings located between the castle and the church of Santa María del Castillo, flanked in turn by one of the better preserved sections of the city wall. These buildings will be transformed into municipally-owned tourist accommodations.

The city of Valpuesta is part of the municipality of Berberana and is located in the Valdegovía valley, between Álava and Burgos. The proposal includes the recovery of a group of buildings located in the main public space of the town, between the Torre de los Velasco and the collegiate church of Santa María de Valpuesta. The restored ensemble will be transformed into a center for the study on the origins of Spanish.

In the case of Zubiri, a municipality located in the Esteríbar valley, the proposal is especially attractive due to the privileged location of the building to be restored, a stone building, currently abandoned, next to the Camino de Santiago (Way of St. James) coming down from Roncesvalles, and in the vicinity of the bridge that gives its name to the town. This building had different uses through history, such a guesthouse, or a school; the proposals seeks to restore and extend it to convert it into a cultural center.

Additional information


The record of the discussion of the Jury appointed for the Richard H. Driehaus Competition shall be published on the Public Sector Procurement Platform and on the Competition website.

First prize (Winner)

The authors of the bids winning the first prize for each lot (Competition winner) will receive a sum equivalent to €12,000 (VAT not included).

Honorable mentions

The jury may distinguish up to three bids per lot with an honorable mention for projects that do not completely fulfil the requisites of the site, despite complying with the objectives sought. The authors of these bids will receive an amount equivalent to €2,000 (VAT not included).