The Rafael Manzano Prize for Classical Architecture and Monuments Restoration has been awarded to Basque architects Javier Cenicacelaya, president of INTBAU Spain, and Iñigo Saloña. The prize is awarded to them for the work they have developed over decades in defense and value of an architecture that looks at the needs of its inhabitants and is able to integrate the local tradition with the classical language and modernity.

Among its merits are the restoration of the Palace of the Council of Bizkaia and the construction, on a new floor, of the school of the Sagrada Familia in Derio, as well as one of the buildings of the historic Lacken street in Brussels.

Architects Javier Cenicacelaya (izquierda) and Iñigo Saloña (derecha)


                                               Rehabilitation and extention of a house, Galdakao. Bizkaia

Javier Cenicacelaya (1951) and Iñigo Saloña (1958) obtained the title of architect at the School of Architecture of the University of Navarra in 1975 and 1981 respectively. Cenicacelaya also received a Master’s degree in Urban Design from the Oxford School of Architecture in 1978 and a PhD from the University of Navarra in 1984. Both have been Visiting Scholars of the Institute for the Arts and the Humanities of the John Paul Getty Foundation in Los Angeles and have taught at the Basque Country School of Architecture, where Javier Cenicalaya has been the Professor of Architectural Composition since 1993, and at the Miami School, where Cenicalaya held the position of Dean, as well as in many other national and international centers.
The Rafael Manzano Prize was created with the purpose of recognizing the “architects who defend and preserve classical architecture and with it the Spanish heritage”. The award is supported by the Richar H. Driehaus Foundation from the United States.
On the day of the award ceremony, the model of the Prado Museum will be presented. It is donated to the Academy also by Richard H. Driehaus, and made by the model artist Juan de Dios. In turn, the Juan de Villanueva Architecture Rooms of the Royal Academy Museum will be inaugurated where the model will be exhibited.