Online Courses

Contemporary Classicism: The Orders

This course has been organized by INTBAU in collaboration with the Kingston School of Art and will be held from August 10th to 14th.

During the course the students will be introduced by faculty and internationally renowned guest specialists to the classical orders and the design principles that underpin them.

Geometry Summer School: The Quadrivium

In this five-day online course, from September 7 to 11, several lectures will be delivered accompanied by practical workshops, demonstrations and talks.

The guiding thread of the course is Quadrivium and the relationship between its disciplines: arithmetic, music, geometry and cosmology.

The sessions will be taught live. All classes are supported by an online learning environment, where students can review the recordings, consult additional materials, and interact with experts and fellow participants.

Videoconferences on traditional building, architecture and urbanism

INTBAU’s Summer Series

On July 14th, Alejandro García Hermida (Vice Chair of INTBAU Spain) and Yasmine El Majzoub (representing Terrachidia Association) presented together with the Lebanese architect Mohamad Hamouié various works. They discussed the importance of educational initiatives in the transmission of the knowledge on traditional architecture and traditional crafts in the different regions of the Mediterranean where they carry out their work.

Award for Emerging Excellence in the Classical Tradition: Panel Discussion

The ICAA, INTBAU and The Prince’s Foundation organize this panel discussion with all the winners of the Award for Emerging Excellence in the Classical Tradition from 2017, the first year it was awarded, to 2020.

Attendance to this event does not have any cost and is open to the general public, but requires registration to receive the zoom link and some additional information.

Los Colores Naturales, by Luis Prieto

The workshop “Natural Colors” was delivered on June 11th by Luis Prieto, stucco master and winner of the 2019 Richard H. Driehaus Building Arts Awards, and Alejandro Ciudad, who was awarded the 2019 Donald Gray Building Arts Grant. You can find the first part of the talk through this link and the second part through this other link.

100 Day Studio. Robert Adam

100 Day Studio is a new series of online lectures organized by The Architecture Foundation. RRobert Adam, President of INTBAU UK, delivered one of them. In the lecture he critically analyzes many of the key concepts in modern architecture and urban design.

All the others lectures are also available on YouTube, on Spotify and on the Foundation website.

Online Lecture Series organized by the IAP-RIC of Pakistan

The IAP-RIC in collaboration with INTBAU Pakistan and the Heritage Foundation has organized a series of 6 virtual lectures that we have been sharing on our social networks and newsletters. The sixth and last of these lectures took place on Saturday, June 20th. Yasmeen Lari, Murad Jamil, Ameena Saiyed, Nayyar Ali Dada, Sajida Vandal, Jayantha Parera and Robert Adam participated.

It can be found through this link.

La construcción de la arquitectura del vino en la comarca Utiel-Requena: el caso de Caudete de las Fuentes

The UNESCO Chair “Earthen architectures, constructive cultures and sustainable development” has published a series of lectures on its YouTube channel. The title of the last of these lectures is “The construction of wine-architecture in the region of Utiel-Requena: the case of Caudete de las Fuentes” and was delivered by Raquel Giménez Ibáñez.

Talks on vernacular architecture and building crafts

Almost a year ago the Asociación Espiga and the Provincial Council of Lugo organized their VI Meeting, which was held in a property next to the Pazo de Tor in Monforte de Lemos from September 13th to 15th, 2019. The main topic of these lectures was vernacular architecture and its building crafts.