First issue of the Journal of Traditional Building, Architecture and Urbanism released

The first issue of the Journal of Traditional Building, Architecture and Urbanism is available through this link You can download the full issue (with a double page layout) or any of the articles separately.

It includes both original academic articles, peer-reviewed and evaluated following the usual protocols of scientific journals, as well as other articles, news and reviews. With the ultimate goal of bridging the gap that continues to exist between the academic and professional worlds today, it also gives voice to the masters of traditional construction and there is a particular focus on their crafts.

Would you like to receive a hard copy of the first issue of the Journal?

Thanks to the generosity of Richard H. Driehaus, some copies of the first issue of the journal have been printed. These can be obtained for free. However, those interested in getting a printed copy must cover the shipping costs through the company Serwell, which is in charge of their delivery.

If you are interested in receiving this first issue on paper, you can write to us at

This Journal was published coinciding with the celebration of the  I International Conference on Traditional Building, Architecture and Urbanism and the award ceremony of the Rafael Manzano Prize 2021 to Fernando Martín Sanjuán.

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