INTBAU launched the Architecture Challenge a few weeks ago, as a competition for low-carbon, no-carbon, and carbon-negative designs for resilient and adaptable houses.

The Challenge invites students, teachers, architects, designers, engineers, and anyone with an interest in building to take part.

The deadline for submission of proposals is 9 May 2022.

To complement this activity, a series of lectures and panel discussions, open to everyone, have been organized. The sicth session will take place next January 28, with the title “Homes, Shelters, Houses, Housing”. 

Below you can find the other lectures and panel discussions that took place during the previous months:

INTBAU Architecture Challenge Launch Event: Architecture’s Responsibility and Opportunity

INTBAU Architecture Challenge Session 2: Vernacular, Traditional, Local, Indigenous

INTBAU Architecture Challenge Session 3: Difficult Questions

INTBAU Architecture Challenge Session 4: Material Matters

INTBAU Architecture Challenge Session 5, Material Matters